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★★★★★ Best pool company around. We have been using Legacy Pool Care for several years now at both our rental property and our vacation property in Mesa AZ. We cannot say enough about Bob and this company. Our pool is ALWAYS sparkling clean. Not only is Bob honest and reliable he also goes out of his way to save us money on parts. Bob just recently went out of his way to have our pump taken care of under warranty. This was something we told him to just go ahead and replace as we had no idea there would still be a warranty on it. Instead, Bob took the time to follow up on the warranty and sure enough it was covered.

Tracy H.

August 14, 2017


★★★★★ Consistently delivers more than expected. I have absolute faith in Legacy Pool Care taking care of my pool! I recently had to replace my pool pump, filter and salt cell. Bob Johnson worked hard to find the right equipment at the very best price, then spent the time to properly install everything and ensure that it was working well. Bob continually goes the extra mile to make sure that my pool is perfect. I recommend him to everyone with a pool! Legacy Pool Care always delivers more than I expect.

Pamela G.

May 23, 2017


★★★★★ Great Pool Service. When we first moved into our house it was in the middle of summer and I needed someone to come out ASAP to check and clean the pool. Bob was able to get out there the next day and did an amazing job. We have used him ever since. He has come through time and time again with better service at great prices. I have recommended Bob and Legacy Pool Care to friends, family and coworkers and I will continue to rely on Bob for my pool needs.

Rick B.

August 31, 2016


★★★★★ I'll admit, my pool was in *rough* shape. I had been fighting with this pool since May 2013 and I kept going into a well known pool supply store and they kept telling me more chlorine more shock, more more more. So, I did what I thought was best, and added more. It got to the point of having 3 inches of powder in the bottom of my pool and it wasn't getting sucked up by the filter or the pump. So I waited, and waited. I wanted to drain it, but it was in the middle of summer, and that isn't the best for a pool. So I waited and waited until I decided it was time to get help and I saw Bob's ad in Nyro's Gyro's Restaurant, you know, those table ads?! So I called up Bob and told him what the problem was and that my pool was in rough shape and I needed his help. He came out and took a look at it the same day I called and gave me an estimate. He came over and drained my pool. I walked out back and I was disgusted with what I saw, not just in my pool but the fact that I let this happen. Bob walked back and looked at my pool and took pics and put his galoshes on and went to work. He scooped out 30 gallons of muck out of the bottom of my pool. *30 gallons* ... at this point I felt that he kinda bonded with my pool and not only that, he gave me a fair price for his trouble and I paid him $100.00 more since he didn't walk away and handled it with extreme professionalism and courtesy. I know for a fact others would've just walked away and told me to find someone else. Bob totally made my day and I was glad to pay what I paid, and I am planning on having him maintain this pool as well. If you need a pool guy that is willing to do what it takes to finish the job, Bob is the man. Hands. Down. THANKS BOB! You ROCK!

Jeanette K.

April 09, 2014


★★★★★ My pool pump decided to die in the middle of summer. I called the first pool repair company and left a message and then later a second message. 24 hours later, no return call. I called the second pool repair company and left a message. 24 hours later no return call. I called a third pool repair company, left a message and no return call 24 hours later. (none of these companies ever called me back) I then found Legacy Pool Care and called. Bob answered the phone and said he would be here the next day. He arrived and diagnosed the problem, found that I was still under warranty and made the call to my pool remodeling company to make sure that it was taken care of properly. Bob went over and above what I expected, and was very professional and knowledgeable. He even called me back the next day to make sure everything was okay. I wouldn't hesitate to call Bob back for ANY pool issues in the future! A Legacy of Great Pool Service.

Pamela G.

August 15, 2013


★★★★★ I have used 4 other services which were good at first, but I would have a green pool 1-2 times a year. Other companies blamed the age of pool and damaged plaster and would try to talk me into $4000+ refurbishment plans, usually with the pool renovation done by the same company that was turning it green. Once I hired Legacy Pool Care, I stopped getting excuses about why my pool company was letting the pool get taken over by algae: Bob is very knowledgeable about what he does, trains his staff well, shows up every week without fail, and has kept my pool completely free of algae for five years straight. He has my complete loyalty. Better Than the Rest.

Genna M.

April 22, 2013


★★★★★ I highly recommend Legacy Pool Care. I had several problems with my pool and Bob went above and beyond to help me. He is friendly, very knowledgable, provided excellent customer service, has more available parts and his prices are affordable. Call Bob. Excellent Pool Service.

Marcia E.

March 6, 2013


★★★★★ I had several problems with my pool equipment and Bob went above and beyond to help me. He was very friendly, professional and very knowledgable. He was very interested in giving me several options on how to repair my equipment in the most economical way. He explained that I could use new or used parts. Bob also has quite a large inventory of used parts. Bob even asked if I had a home warranty or pool warranty. After talking with Bob I found I did have a pool warrently which saved me hundreds of dollars on a major part. I don't know of any repair person who would do that. Bob spent a lot of time with me explaining the pool chemistry and equipment. I never had a pool service person take so much interest explaining things to me and trying to save me money. His prices are very fair and affordable. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND LEGACY POOL CARE.

Marcia E.

March 06, 2013


★★★★★ Bob is the best. I live in Florida and needed and part for my pool that I could not find anywhere else. He found the part and went to a great deal of trouble to assure that it was the right one. He measure, used pictures and assured that it was the right one. He shipped it to us and it is perfect. Thank you Bob. Great work.

Sharon H.

June 25, 2012


★★★★★ Legacy Pool Care is Great! Legacy Pool Care is a terrific company. Bob has always been on time and courteous with his Pool Cleaning Service. I would recommend Legacy Pool Care to anyone.
Shane O.
April 10, 2011


★★★★★ Great Pool Service. Legacy Pool Care has done a superb job in taking care of our pool for over 10 years now. Their staff is friendly and knowledgeable and their prices very reasonabale. I would highly recommend them for your pool care.
Karen R.
February 19, 2010

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